The UMass Ski and Board Club: About

Who are we?

We are passionate skiiers. We are avid snowboarders. We are the UMass Ski and Board Club. The UMass Ski and Board Club is the largest and oldest registered student organization on the University of Massachusetts - Amherst campus. Founded in 1969, UMSBC has been getting the UMass community up to the mountains for 49 years strong. What the club offers is a unique opportunity for students and community members alike to take advantage of rock bottom discount ski trips. With a variety of day and overnight excursions, we consistently plan trip that beat out the mountain prices and put extra money back in your pockets. UMSBC also offers a fun, social atmosphere that allows the UMass community to find others that share the same passion for winter sports as they do. We are nondiscriminatory, noncompetitive club where ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

Why should I join?

Joining the UMass Ski and Board club is the wisest decision you can make as a UMass Amherst student. Once you've done so, you immediately have access to all of our awesome discounted trips, which include a plethora of day trips to Vermont during the Spring Semester and a series of overnight trips as well. We guarantee that you will not find a cheaper solution to get you to the mountains. Day trips are only $60 and include a lift ticket and a bus ride from UMass to the best resorts in New England. Overnight trips are extremely discounted as well. On these trips you will meet the most dedicated skiiers and snowboarders on campus so you'll be able to find a solid crew to shred with while you're not on our trips! If that's not enough, you also receive one of our club T-Shirts as soon as you sign up. Don't hesitate and sign up today, you won't regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can join the club?

Anyone can! UMSBC is most beneficial for UMass Amherst Students and members of the UMass community due to the campus being the departure location of our trips. However anyone and everyone can join!

Q: What does membership get me?

For a small membership fee of $20 you get the following things: access to absurd deals on skiing and snowboarding trips, a UMSBC T-Shirt, and an opportunity to meet the best people on campus! We want to emphasize that our day trips on average cost $60!

Q: How do I sign up for the club?

There will be multiple opportunities throughout the academic year to sign up for the club. The easiest way to join is to come to our table at the campus center Tuesday or Wednesday from 10am-3pm. You can also sign up at our First and Second General meetings, which take place at the begininning of the Fall and Spring semesters respectively.

Q: When is UMSBC accepting memberships?

We accept memberships throughout the entire year. To get the most out of your membership we recommend signing up at the beginning of the Fall semester. This will give you an opportunity to come on all of our trips without missing a beat!

Q: How much does it cost to join the club?

Only $20!!!

Q: I'm not signed up for the club, can I still go on the trips?

Unfortunately, you can't. Trip access is exclusive for club members. Membership dues are very important to us, as money you give us for membership goes towards getting all of the awesome deals that we do!

Q: I've never skiied or snowboarded before, or I'm new to the sport. Can I still join?

Yes! If anything we encourage newbies to join. We want to share our love for winter sports with as many people as possible, so the best way we can do that is expose them to people who are unfamiliar with them. We also have trips specifically designated for new skiiers and riders that include a lesson and a rental!

Q: I'm looking to buy a season pass, can you guys get me a discount?

Of course. We have representatives from all of the top resorts in New England who are looking to get you guys the best deal on season passes. Whether you love to shred Carinthia at Mt. Snow, or bomb the steeps at Okemo, we have the season pass for you! Use code UMASS to receive $30 off your 4.0 pass or code UMSBC for $20 of the Drifter pass!

Q: UMass Ski and Board Club is awesome! How do I get more involved?

The best way to do so is by becoming a board member. We annually select board members at the beginning of every Fall Semester. Board members earn hours by tabling for us at the campuscenter and at our many events. For every 25 hours you earn, you get a free day trip!

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